This is some kind of a page from the diary - I made this trip in August 2017. My first target for this trip was Mt Satan - one of the most popular peaks in the Slovakian part of the High Tatras - one year ago, when I was going through Mlynická valley I had chance to take a good look at this ridge. Later, after some research, I learnt that eye-catching, almost horizontal crack below the main summit is the famous path that is the easiest way to the top.

I was little scared about this mountain - when I was approaching the beginning of the ascent path during the night I could see that Satan today is rather angry - clouds were whirling above the summit. Additionally, just 2 years before, on the same path, there was fatal accident of Slovak hiker, Petra Macíková - yes, she died somewhere on this easy, almost trivial rocky path... in memory of her, there is small, steel board with her name, which you have to pass by when going to the top. I have to admit that it really cools down eagerness and you immediately start to double check every step you make here. After passing the path followed by steep gully which led to the top, I could really see infernal view with sky burning with red, orange and yellow colors. Few moments later, it gave way to heavenly blue sky.

I decided to follow the main ridge to the south, which appeared to be not so difficult route with beautiful views (why there is no marked trail here?!) and finally I reached bottom of the Mlynická valley. After short break, I hit the trail and went to the Furkotský štít and the Hrubý vrch.

I was on the Furkotský štít and the Hrubý vrch one year ago, so this time I spent there only few minutes and I continued my hike.

Later, using trail in Furkotská valley, I went to the nearest hut, Chata pod Soliskom to finally eat something. After the meal, I went back again through Furkotská valley to the Veľké Solisko Mountain for a sunset. Summit can be reached through wide gully, only few last meters are more difficult and requires some scrambling. I was quite surprised how nice the view from the top really is. Especially, Mt Kriváň looks really mighty from here. I would even say, that view from the Veľké Solisko is even better than the one from Mt Satan.

After the sunset I went to the bottom of the valley, where I spent night on huge, flat rock. Unfortunately, I didn't have any hiking mat with me, so it was not so comfortable and rather cold night. Somehow, I managed to survive and 2 hours before sunrise I packed everything and went to my next target: the Štrbský štít - for few moments I couldn't find the way through very steep section of the main gully, but finally I found the right path and reached the summit. And the sunrise... well, it was quite interesting.

Initially, I wanted to go the one more mountain during this trip: Vysoká, but all weather forecasts left no hope - in the afternoon it was supposed to start raining. Anyway, I wanted to use good weather as much as I could, so through Popradské pleso and Mt Ostrva I went to Mt Tupá, where finally rain caught me. I was going back to the car in heavy rain, which caused all rocks to become slippery as ice, so from time to time I had to dance on them to keep the balance. In the late afternoon, finally I reached my car and drove home.