Another year is gone, so it is the high time for some summary. Actually, I had feeling that in 2018 I didn't make many valuable photos, but when I started my review it appeared that it is not so bad. Eventually, I had many problems with keeping amount of pictures limited for this entry :)  [read more]
My relationship with winter in the mountains is some weird kind of love & hate. From one hand, mountains look then so differently, so unreal, that it opens completely new world for photography. From the other hand, winter exploration is always closely related to hurricane winds and horrible cold. Being there in the winter always force you to bite the bullet really hard. But still, mountains are really powerful drugs, so it is just impossible just to sit at home for the half of the year waiting for snow to melt and temperature to grow.  [read more]
Slovaks have got their Mt Kriváň and we, Poles, have our Giewont. Both of them are crowned with crosses and both of them occupy special places in the history and local culture, but there is where similarities end.  [read more]
It was good photo year, maybe even better than previous one. Well, at least I had more problems with selection this time than one year ago. 2017 was dominated by The High Tatras and Serra de Tramuntana, but everything started and ended somewhere else.  [read more]
This is some kind of a page from the diary - I made this trip in August 2017. My first target for this trip was Mt Satan - one of the most popular peaks in the Slovakian part of the High Tatras - one year ago, when I was going through Mlynická valley I had chance to take a good look at this ridge. Later, after some research, I learnt that eye-catching, almost horizontal crack below the main summit is the famous path that is the easiest way to the top.  [read more]
It is really a bad luck. It was my second try to take some photos of the rising sun from the summit of the Veľký Rozsutec and it ended in exactly the same way as my previous try: just minutes before sunrise clouds covered everything around me. Luckily, before it happened, I was able to take some shots.  [read more]
Weather forecast was just great: for the whole day it was supposed to be sunny just with few clouds. It perfectly fit into my plan: sunrise at the Mt Veľký Kriváň and then sunset at the top of Veľký Rozsutec. But you know how it is with weather in the mountains: forecast can promise anything, but actual weather is always up in the air.  [read more]
Camslinger Outdoor is an another version of well known Camslinger bag, which was introduced by Cosyspeed few years ago. If original version was aimed at street photograpers, new version is something for outdoor shooters, who prefer to spend their time hiking or climbing in the mountains or just to wander through wilderness. How does this bag fits into such use case? Let's find out.  [read more]
It's 2AM, pitch black outside and not a single star in the sky... should I stay or should I go? Almost all forecasts promise a beautiful night in Slovakia and a sunny day, but somehow I find it hard to believe in it when I look through the window. In the end, somehow, I manage to make a real man's decision - let's go!  [read more]
I do not remember how many times I tried to go to the Mala Fatra mountains and for some reason had to postpone the trip ... in May the weather was just horrible, in October, I was already driving there but I had car crash (well, I was in a hurry and I have got a lesson) And finally, in February, at the end of winter - I made it.  [read more]
Actually, how such blog should be started? Well, it seems that I should introduce myself first, so let's start with the best 14 of 2016. And since it is a travel/hiking photoblog, these will be the best trips, outings, strolls from pictures point of view. One could ask why exactly 14 of them, but why not? Does it have to be always "full" 10/20/100...? Besides this, it would be very difficult to remove something from this list - all of these pictures mean something to me. Furthermore, it would not make much sense to remove something only because somebody-somewhere-someday decided that it should always be a full number.  [read more]