Weather forecast was just great: for the whole day it was supposed to be sunny just with few clouds. It perfectly fit into my plan: sunrise at the Mt Veľký Kriváň and then sunset at the top of Veľký Rozsutec. But you know how it is with weather in the mountains: forecast can promise anything, but actual weather is always up in the air.

When I was going in the dark up the slope I could see beautiful, starry sky above me. But immediately when I reached the main ridge, all surrounding mountains were covered by clouds (including Veľký Kriváň) and it stayed like this for longer time. I was of course hoping that it would clear up, so I was standing at the top in this freezing cold for about two hours, jumping and stamping to warm my cold feet. Finally, after this log wait, when I could only barely feel my hands and feet, weather started to clear up. First, there were some views to the west.

Finally, the main part of Malá Fatra appeared too together with beautiful Mt Veľký Rozsutec in the background.

I was little angry because of not so good weather during sunrise, but still sunset at Mt Veľký Rozsutec was ahead of me. And weather finally improved and now sun and clouds were working together to create great combinations of light and shadow. My anger disappeared and I started to enjoy weather and hike.

To reach Mt Veľký Rozsutec from Mt Veľký Kriváň, you have to go through the best part of Malá Fatra main ridge. In few places it suddenly changes its direction, so views from each part are different. And if you are lucky and weather is good, you can see other mountain ranges around: The Veľká Fatra, The Nízke Tatry and the most beautiful, The West Tatras with few peaks of the High Tatras above them. During my hike, views were rather limited, but light was beautiful for almost whole day - every few moments I had to stop to make another picture.

In the second part of my hike, panoramas started to be dominated even more by Mt Veľký Rozsutec (which was now much closer) and huge pyramid of Mt Stoh.

I noticed that the closer to Mt Stoh I was, the lower the clouds were. Soon, it appeared clear to me that there would be no sunset from the top. Sun disappeared behind the clouds together with all peaks of Malá Fatra ridge that I went through: Stoh, Veľký Kriváň, Chleb, Hromove, Steny... I could see the top of Mt Veľký Rozsutec for few more minutes but it finally disappeared in the clouds too. Surprisingly, I was not disappointed - earlier I shot many quite good pictures and even now, during weather breakdown, views were quite interesting.

Finally, instead of going to the top, I turned left and I went down to the valley to my car. Weather crossed my initial plans, but I was still very happy - during the main part of the day, when I was traversing the main ridge, views and light were great thanks to dynamic clouds and sun.