Camslinger Outdoor is an another version of well known Camslinger bag, which was introduced by Cosyspeed few years ago. If original version was aimed at street photograpers, new version is something for outdoor shooters, who prefer to spend their time hiking or climbing in the mountains or just to wander through wilderness. How does this bag fits into such use case? Let's find out.


For me, the best way to carry my camera gear during hiking is a backpack, especially if it is equipped with something that allows me to get my photo gear out quickly. That's why I use //;MindShift rotation180 Panorama with unique, rotating bag which gives me almost lightning-fast access to my camera gear. Unfortunately, Panorama has one big weakness: it is great if you go for just one day hike, but if you are planning longer adventure (for example 2-3 days in the mountains) then it is just too small for all hiking gear you need to have with you. In such case, I take "regular" hiking backpack, my trusty //;Deuter Futura 32, while I carry my camera and lenses in Cosyspeed Camslinger Outdoor.

Design and implementation of this bag was crowdfunded in //;Indiegogo service being nothing more but just another Kickstarter. To be honest, when I saw first prototypes, I wasn't impressed too much. But few months later, when by accident I found new info regarding this project, it turned out that design was changed and the most of the flaws were already eliminated (such as lack of external accessory pockets). That's why I decided to pull the trigger and join crowdfunding campaign.

I received my bag (as other supporters from EU) with some delay, because bag originator, Thomas Ludwig (founder and CEO of Cosyspeed) had hard time with fabrics suppliers (they didn't deliver materials on time) and then with customs in Germany (it took 3 weeks to get first shipment through customs process!). But finally packages were sent to supporters and I was able to try my new Cosyspeed Camslinger Outdoor for the first time.

Design and Build Quality

My initial impression was better than positive: all materials (such as Cordura 900),zippers, stitches or clips made impression that thay are of the highest possible quality. And now - after few months of intensive use - this statement is still valid - except some dirt, bag looks exactly the same as it was the first day. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that it does not loook as typical, black, dull photo bag - it's stylish and really nice-looking (I know, I know - it's only matter of taste and preference). I chosen one in the blue color but if you prefere something more quiet, then gray version is for you. And if you are kind of person who is not scared about anything, then there is really fancy, vivid green version available (I only wish that there was one in my favourite red).

Main Features

So far all Cosyspeed bags follow two general ideas (and that's the case for Camslinger Outdoor too). First one is to wear this bag as gun holster on a hip. Because of unique shape of the bag, in this configuration main part of weight of the photo gear lies on thigh instead of the hip. Thanks to this, even carrying heavy equipment should be a lot more comfortable than in case of typical waist bag or reporter belt. And it really works! Even after whole day in the mountains and after negotiating over a dozen kilometers in rough terrain, weight of the photo gear is barely noticeable. Additionally, Camsliner Outdoor can be worn without problems even if you are already wearing big backpack with a waist belt.

Second idea behind this bag is to allow one-handed access to your gear and this also works flawlessly in real life. Main flap of the Camslinger Outdoor is closed with magnetic clip which is very intuitive and easy to open with your hand. After just few minutes of practice, it is so easy process to close or open the bag, that it can be done within one second even with your eyes closed. Additionally, to protect your bag against accidental opening, elastic loop (some kind of rubber band) can be used. Even when this band is used, opening of the bag is lightning fast. Great idea!

When you open main flap, you will notice small pockets on its inner side. I guess they are intended to be used for memory cards, but I have feeling that these pockets are little to shallow to protect things that are inside from accidental falling out. If you are going to use them, its better to double check when you open the bag if content is still there. I believe that some kind of closure (velcro or zipper) would be better idea.

Main compartment is finished with nice and soft fabric. From one hand, bag is stiff enough to reasonably protect your gear and from other hand it is soft enough, so you do not fill like wearing wood box on the hip :) Suprisingly, quite significant amount of gear can be stored inside: I am using this bag for my Olympus OM-D E-M5 II with 3 lenses (one mounted on body and two additional ones) and still there is some spare space inside. Here is full list of equipment that I keep inside:

  • Olympus OM-D E-M5 II
  • Olympus M.Zuiko 14-150mm f/4-5.6 II
  • Laowa 7.5mm f/2
  • Samyang 7.5mm f/3.5 UMC Fisheye
  • Polarizer filters
  • Square graduated neutral density filter (67x85mm)
  • 2 spare batteries
  • Memory cards
  • Lens cloth
I believe that you could store even small DSLR with two lenses inside. main compartment can be adjusted by using velcro dividers - currently, if you buy this bag you will receive 4 dividers, while supporters from Indiegogo received 6 of them. I believe that this amount is more adequate, especially if you have small mirrorless camera with few pancake lenses. And here we have the biggest flaw of Camslinger Outdoor: all dividers are just of rectangular shape, finished with velcro. I am missing dividers with "wings" that can be seen in similar bags from other brands: they are better if you store additional lenses on the sides with body and mounted lens facing down between them. To overcome this issue, I used some dividers from one of my other bags.

There is one more thing that is missing in Camslinger Outdoor: tight, inside pocket next to bag's back that could be used to store - in my case - rectangular Cokin filters or to store smartphone inside. Such pocket exists in MindShift rotation180 Panorama and it is really good idea.

Camslinger Outdoor has three outside pockets: one above main flap which can be used to store really small, flat items (like lens cloth) and two on the sides that can store your accessories (batteries, lens caps and other crap).

All these pockets are closed with zippers equipped with extension cords, which makes using them (even if you wear winter gloves) very easy. Simple and effective.

On the bottom of the bag, black rain cover can be found in dedicated poctet. It is attached to the bag with short band, which protects it from being lost.

Outside of the bag you can see 4 attahment loops that can be used to mount your bag on your backpack or to attach additional things outside. Additionally, bottom loops can be used with adjustable thigh band which can be useful if you need your bag to stay fixed to your thigh (during horse riding, climbing, scrambling etc.).


Searching for ideal photo bag is a real mission and very often never-ending story. It's difficult to find bag which covers all requiremnts especially thate everyone has different priorities and preferences. Cosyspeed Camslinger Outdoor is really close to my ideal photo bag - design as well as convenience, quality and features. If manufacturer prepare new version of the bag one day with improvements that I mentioned in my review - there is a big chance that it will be my ideal photo bag!


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • High quality materials
  • Very nice design :)
  • Unique and very smart closure method super easy to open with just one hand
  • Thigh band attached
  • Raincover attached
  • Adjustable main compartment


  • No dividers with "wings"
  • Too shallow memory cards pockets on inner side of the flap
  • No internal pocket for smartphone/Cokin filters

In action