I do not remember how many times I tried to go to the Mala Fatra mountains and for some reason had to postpone the trip ... in May the weather was just horrible, in October, I was already driving there but I had car crash (well, I was in a hurry and I have got a lesson) And finally, in February, at the end of winter - I made it.  [read more]
Actually, how such blog should be started? Well, it seems that I should introduce myself first, so let's start with the best 14 of 2016. And since it is a travel/hiking photoblog, these will be the best trips, outings, strolls from pictures point of view. One could ask why exactly 14 of them, but why not? Does it have to be always "full" 10/20/100...? Besides this, it would be very difficult to remove something from this list - all of these pictures mean something to me. Furthermore, it would not make much sense to remove something only because somebody-somewhere-someday decided that it should always be a full number.  [read more]